Youth at CCC

Welcome to our ministry for children and families!  Here at Christ Covenant Church we believe God intends for a child's spiritual development to primarily be the responsibility of the family. It is not our goal to replace the role of the family in this incredible task, but to partner with you as we team up to teach kids how to spend their whole lives following God.

Our programming is designed to:
  • Put families first: Above all else we are certain that adult family members in a child's life are the best avenue to leading a child into a life-long relationship with Jesus. It is our job to give you every possible tool as we assist you in this great challenge.
  • Teach about our never-changing God in constantly changing ways: It is our goal to present God's truth in exciting ways that make sense to each child in the context of the world around them, and help them apply that truth to the way they live their lives
  • ​Make great friendships: We strive to surround each child with trustworthy adults and peer groups who will encourage and equip them in their faith.
  • Help others: If we truly believe God loves people, then our actions must show that we love people too!

​Please check out these links to find out more about specific Children and Family Ministry events:

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Christ Covenant Church Children and Family Ministries:
​"Teaming up with families to teach kids how to spend their whole lives following God."​​


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