What to Expect…

If you have not worshiped with us before, here is some information about our Sunday assembly to make your visit a little more comfortable:

Our style of worship is simple, patterned after the examples and teachings of the earliest Christians in the New Testament record.
Our assembly typically lasts between one hour and one hour and fifteen minutes.
Feel free to sit anywhere. There are no assigned seats.
If you feel comfortable doing so, please fill out the brief attendance tear out form in our bulletin and place it in the offering plate when it is passed so that we might get a chance to know you better.

The Singing

You will notice that our singing is filled with praise and is usually with instrumentation. You are encouraged to join us in singing. The words are projected on a screen. People will often clap along with the music or lift their hands as they sing. These are additional ways in which people worship.

The Lord’s Supper (Communion)

We celebrate communion every Sunday. Jesus established the practice of sharing the bread and the cup. This was so that Christian disciples would remember the sacrifice of his body and blood to make a new covenant with God possible for us. Everyone is welcome, but not expected to participate in communion. As the trays are passed, simply break off a piece of the bread wafer and eat it. Then take a small cup of juice from the tray, drink it, and return the empty cup into the tray.

The Offering

Typically following communion, we provide the opportunity to give an offering. This is the means by which our members make their weekly contributions in support of our ministries. Occasionally, we will also take a collection for special needs in our community or throughout the world. As our guest, you are welcome, but not expected, to participate.

The Lesson

The sermon is the method in which the “good news” of God’s love and grace and Jesus’ redemptive life is proclaimed and applied to our lives. We hope you will find it challenging, encouraging, relevant, and Bible-based. At the close of the sermon, we offer a “ministry time.” Our minister and shepherds (elders) are available to respond to anyone’s personal needs – a prayer need, the desire to accept Christ as Lord and Savior, an intention to recommit one’s life to Christ or any other spiritual need.

Leadership in the Assembly

Leadership in worship is not limited to those formally recognized as ministers and shepherds. You will see men and women from various walks of life taking active roles such as reading Scripture, leading prayer, and sharing testimony. We include many members in our public worship in ways that are Biblical, orderly, and meaningful.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to Contact Us.
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