About Christ Covenant

We've been redeemed to redeem. 

We've recovered from literal and spiritual storms to rescue others and we invite you to join us.​

​Christ Covenant Church is an independent church which identifies itself with the Restoration Movement.

​​At the heart of the Restoration Movement, and therefore at the heart of Christ Covenant Church, is unity.

​We strive for unity among the people of Christ Covenant as we take the message of Jesus Christ to others in love and service to unite them with God in a life-long adventure. This quest for unity has played an important role in our history as well.

​​Christ Covenant Church is unique in that we are the product of two churches (Parkside Christian Church and Cornerstone Church of Christ) uniting together to become one.

We are very humbled to see how God has worked in Our History.

 We desire to continually develop our partnership with God and others. These partnerships are reflected in Our Name.
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to Contact Us.